August Babies of the Month – Meet Valley & Valentina

The Best Journey of My Life

When I turned 42 and after buying my house and establishing my business, I decided to have children as a single mom. Laurel Fertility Care and Dr. Smikle came highly recommended by a client of mine and since the first consultation he made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Right after the initial testing he recommended IVF and did two unsuccessful IVF cycles one after the other.

After the third unsuccessful cycle, I considered an egg donor as Dr. Smikle had suggested. But still after that I was not able to get pregnant, and he advised me to remove some fibromas on my fallopian tubes that clearly were preventing the embryos from implanting.

A few months after the successful surgery, when I was getting ready to do another round of IVF, I met my husband and the rest is even a sweeter story! There is a saying in Spanish “La tercera es la vencida”; in my case la “Quinta fue la vencida” and we got pregnant with twins in 2018.Our daughters were born premature and they had an extended stay at the Stanford NICU.  They received such amazing care and are thriving and growing as happy as they can be. You would never be able to tell that our daughters are not genetically ours. We are always amazed at how much they look like us.

It is so wonderful to see how much they look like my husband and myself.  We would not change them for anything and they are just the perfect almost three year old girls. They are talking three languages, swimming, climbing the tallest playground they can and eating and sleeping so well.

They have definitely changed our lives and it wasn’t an easy path.  We would take it over and over again for the joy of having our beautiful girls.

They are making our lives a million times more fun and enjoyable, we cannot imagine our life without our children. Our home is messy but our hearts are pleased and full of happiness and awe.

If you are considering Laurel Fertility Care don’t delay or look any further. Dr. Smikle is not only the best professional in his field but he is a great human being making life possible in every extension of the word. He has been the best doctor, My Angel Doctor!

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In some cases a third party, such as a donor and/or a gestational carrier is needed.

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