December Baby of the Month – Meet Quinn

Our infertility journey started after trying naturally for eight months and having extremely irregular cycles. I had been on birth control for ten years prior to this so I didn’t know I had irregular cycles until I got off and was going 60-100+ days without my period. This makes it extremely difficult to “try” and get pregnant when your period is so unpredictable.

We reached out to my OB/GYN and she suspected PCOS but wanted to send me to a fertility specialist to have an HSG and for my husband to have a semen analysis. This is when we found Laurel Fertility Care, within the first appointment Dr. Smikle was doing everything possible to figure out what was going on with my body.

We appreciated his eagerness because when you’re trying to get pregnant it’s all a waiting game and we didn’t want to wait any longer. He immediately sent me for bloodwork and by the next appointment I had a PCOS diagnosis and was starting my first cycle of clomid paired with timed intercourse. This cycle was unsuccessful and after going through a few additional unsuccessful cycles of timed intercourse, we had a meeting with Dr. Smikle and decided IVF was our best shot at getting pregnant.

I always appreciated that Dr. Smikle was adjusting my treatment protocol to figure out what was going to work best for my body. The entire staff at Laurel Fertility Care was so organized and reassuring. We had so much confidence that they were doing everything possible to help me get pregnant.

Going through IVF is so overwhelming and the LFC team was so helpful with walking me through the process and making sure I understood everything.

We ended up getting pregnant after our first transfer and graduated Laurel Fertility at eight weeks pregnant. This was extremely hard for me because I felt so connected to Dr. Smikle and staff and would have loved to have him follow me through my pregnancy and deliver my baby. I trusted him with everything. He gave us our miracle!

My last phone call with one of the nurses, Kat, stuck with me. She reminded me that graduating from LFC was a good thing because I had finally achieved what I had worked so hard for. She was so right, we will be forever grateful for Laurel Fertility Care and would recommend their services to anyone else struggling to get pregnant.

Going through infertility/IVF is so difficult, you want to feel supported and have confidence in your fertility clinic and that is exactly what you get with Laurel Fertility Care.

Our sweet miracle girl, Quinn DiAnn Keller was born May 20th, 2020 via c-section at 3:28 a.m. weighing 7lbs 11oz and 20 inches long. We still have 9 embryos on ice and when we are ready to transfer another embryo we will definitely be working with LFC again.

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