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Laurel Fertility Care and Infertility Unfiltered are proud to partner together to provide our patients with access to Infertility Unfiltered’s support series completely free. No matter the stage of your journey, we invite you to join us virtually, once a week for 90 minutes to be a part of an intimate-sized group of women who have shared experiences and offer each other unconditional support, empowering information and positivity.

Our Programs

Fertility Unfiltered

Journey To Motherhood
A six-week program designed specifically for women struggling with infertility who do not currently have any living children.

Infertility As A Mother
A six-week program designed specifically for women trying to conceive who currently have a child or children and are struggling with infertility.

Donor Conception
An eight-week program designed for intended parents or parents via donor conception (pursuing or have pursued donor eggs, donor sperm or donor embryo).

Pregnancy & Life After Baby
A six-week program designed for women who struggled with primary or secondary infertility who recently gave birth to a child or children or are currently pregnant.

Optimizing Your Fertility
A six-week program designed for women struggling with infertility at any stage who are looking for ways to optimize their fertility with holistic and natural remedies.

Laurel Fertility Care is dedicated to ensuring all of our patients find the support they need as they go through treatment. We offer as part of our treatment, at no cost to our patients, the support they need! We encourage patients to get involved in the opportunity to meet those who share similar experiences, gain insight from them, and find more emotional support.

LGBT Mummies

Embarking on your adventure down the path to motherhood or parenthood can be a scary, anxious & difficult time, mixed in with excitement & the feeling of the unknown.Whether you are thinking about starting a family, have started the journey or are thinking about siblings, we have multiple support groups available.

We hold these private Support Groups for our community to ask us for guidance, support, share their experiences & meet others who are on the same journey as them. People are welcome to join more than one support group if it applies to them. The only rules we have are to be kind, compassionate, & respect all journeys.

Our support groups are a safe space to ask questions & release their emotions in a constructive & supportive environment. No-one’s details or experiences are to be discussed outside of these groups.

TTC Support Group
Trying to Conceive Support Group for women & people trying to conceive a child by Home AI/ICI, IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI.

Adoption Support Group
For women & people looking to seek guidance on adoption, who are in the process of applying for adoption or who have adopted.

Miscarriage & baby loss support group
For women & people who have experienced miscarriage (or their partner has) or suffered baby/infancy loss looking to share their experience & seek support through their grief.

Pregnancy Support Group
For women or people who are currently pregnant or their partner is pregnant. To share guidance, support & celebrate together.

Fostering Support Group
For women & people looking to seek guidance on fostering, who are in the process of applying for fostering or those who have fostered.

Non Binary Support Group
For Non Binary parents & people looking to meet others within our community for support, guidance & to make friends.

Non-Bio Mama or Parent Support Group
For Non-Biological mamas, mamas-to-be, parents, or parents-to-be to seek advice, support & share their experience.

Single Mama or Parent Support Group
For Single mamas or parents who want to meet others & seek guidance, support & share their experiences.

Feeding Support Group
For mothers or parents who want to discuss different feeding methods, their experiences, seek guidance, support & share their experiences.

Mama & Parent Support Group
For mamas & parents who have a new baby, whether it is their first or their second or third child to seek guidance, support & meet others in the community to share their experience.

Trans Parents Support Group
For our trans parents or parents to be to seek advice, support & meet others in the community to share their experience.

Step Mama or Parent Support Group
For step mamas & step parents who are already step parents or have just become step parents to seek guidance, support & meet others in the community to share their experience.

If you are struggling & feel you’d like 121 support or to speak to a member of our Team or Mentors, please contact us by email & we will arrange to contact you or put you in touch with a clinical or professional organisation that can give you the additional support needed.

InCircle Fertility is a built-in support system to lean-on, and a resource to help you navigate this difficult and complex process. Through tailored private coaching, we hold the hearts and hands of women and couples struggling to build their families. Whether you need a shoulder to cry on, some extra devoted time to talk through choosing the best course of treatment, or to vent about another pregnancy announcement on social media…maybe you need an advocate beside you at your next appointment or a pep-talk after a failed cycle. InCircle is here.

Once you start getting the support you need, this journey will feel more manageable. We have helped countless women, all across the US and abroad, build inner strength, re-group and chart a path forward. When it comes to trying to conceive unconventionally, there is so much hurry up and wait. There is so much that is beyond your control. Working with InCircle Fertility is something you can do right now to regain some control while taking care of yourself.

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In some cases a third party, such as a donor and/or a gestational carrier is needed.

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