Our Favorite Fertility Social Media Accounts

Social media can be a helpful resource for support and positivity while navigating your fertility journey, but searching for accurate and relatable content can be overwhelming. We encourage our patients to follow the Laurel Fertility Care Instagram account— a great place for us to connect through resources, real stories, expert advice and fertility options that we hope will support you throughout your fertility journey.

We’ve also put together a list of our favorite Fertility Social Media Accounts on Instagram to follow for resources, support, or even a laugh!

(Fertility) Rescripted (@fertility.rescripted)

Rescripted is changing the narrative around fertility and redefining what “normal” means when it comes to creating a family. Co- founders Kristyn and Abby are both mothers to 2-year old twins conceived via IVF, and are focused on educating and empowering others struggling on their journey to parenthood. They share stories, tips, advice from fertility experts, and more on their Instagram account that has over 80 thousand follower.

Follow them on Instagram at @fertility.rescripted or visit fertility.rescripted.com for more information on how to join the community

Fertility Help Hub (@fertility_help_hub)

Fertility Help Hub, founded by IVF warrior Eloise Edington, is an inclusive, free platform that provides individuals around the globe with fertility tips, expert advice, financial and emotional resources, a supportive community, a fertility community app for your phone and much more. Eloise shares special offers, information and resources helpful to anyone on their fertility journey, no matter what stage they’re at, to a following of almost 28 thousand people.

Follow the Fertility Help Hub on Instagram here or visit the website at fertilityhelphub.com.

Infertility Unfiltered (@infertilityunfiltered)

Infertility Unfiltered offers series-based programs that provide a safe and solid support system, experts in the field, and tools to get you through your infertility journey. Laurel Fertility Care offers our patients the opportunity to find an Infertility Unfiltered support series that’s best for them free of charge during their fertility treatments. With specific series designed for all different types of infertility journeys, you can find a program that works best for you.

Following them on Instagram gives you series updates, mental health reminders and more. Learn more about this resource here.

The LGBT Mummies Tribe (@the_LGBT_Mummies_tribe)

The LGBT Mummies Tribe’s sole purpose is to ‘Educate, Share, & Celebrate’ LGBT+ women & people worldwide on the path to parenthood. We love following their Instagram account, as it is just one of the ways they provide a supportive, safe haven through providing information, guidance and knowledge on the different pathways to parenthood. They also provide a sense of community and support on their website and support groups.

All are welcome to join this community— whether they are thinking of starting a family or have children already through fertility treatment, surrogacy, adoption, fostering, as a single parent, co-parent, poly family or a step parent.

Uniquely Knitted (@uniquely_knitted)

Uniquely Knitted was created to serve anyone struggling with he emotional affects of infertility. Doug and Jesse, husband and wife and Uniquely Knitted founders, created the non profit organization after trying a variety of failed infertility treatments over the course of several years. They believe that sending someone a gift in their time of need helps create a world where there is infertility without invisibility, and provide infertility care boxes full of goodies to help prove to them they are not alone.

On Instagram, Jesse and Doug share motivation, real life stories, resources for support and more. They also host the Infertility Feelings podcast, a platform for honest conversations and topics about infertility.

Follow them on Instagram here and learn more about the Infertility Hope Box here.

Dacia James (@daciajames)

Dacia James is the author of The Game of Life: Releasing the Weight When God Says Wait, where she tackles the waiting portion of her fertility journey. Her authentic and candid experience in her book and on her Instagram profile shares tools to lift every weight you may be carrying while pushing through a waiting season.

 Hilariously Infertile (@hilariously_infertile)

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine! Author Karen Jeffries’ account @hilariously_infertile has almost 90 thousand followers and aims to make others who have struggled or are struggling with infertility laugh on even the most difficult days. 

Karen says, “My end goal is to help other women laugh their way through their treatment, while their feet are in the stirrups and their vaginas are enjoying the fresh fertility clinic air.” She shares real life stories and experiences with humor, and has been

Kellee Stewart, Warrior Wednesdays (@kstew222)

Kellee Stewart created Warrior Wednesdays after choosing to freeze her eggs at the end of a seven-year relationship. During the process, she realized how little she knew about reproductive health and how little she was taught throughout her life. She channeled her frustration and sprung into action by using her platform to speak out about proactive fertility health.

Warrior Wednesdays was born— a safe place where stories are told and met with compassion, love, understanding and faith. It serves as a community where no judgement lives. Kellee hosts Warrior Wednesdays weekly on her Instagram profile, and episodes are available to watch on her website warrior-wednesdays.com

Black Queer Parenting Support (@blacklgbtqmoms)

Mia Cooley created the Black LGBTQ+ Moms (and Gender Non-conforming or Non-Binary parents) Facebook group with the intention of building community amongst mothers across the spectrum. She believed that they deserved a space to safely communicate and find support.

The Black LGBTQ support account on Instagram showcases families from around the globe and serves as a place to connect.

RESOLVE (@resolveorg

RESOLVE: the National Infertility Association is an excellent resource for support, advocacy and awareness. The organization was founded more than four decades ago with the goal of bringing together women who are facing infertility. On their Instagram account, you can find advocacy news, support options, awareness campaigns and educational information. They also provide free support groups in over 200 communities.

Follow them on Instagram at @resolveorg or visit resolve.org for more information.

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