Questions to Ask Your Fertility Doctor Before Starting IVF

When guiding our patients through fertility challenges, we are not simply logging appointments. We are building relationships through our conversations with you, engaging in two-way communication. When you consider questions to ask your fertility doctor before starting IVF, we know there are questions you might consider personal, or you might feel a bit embarrassed to ask. Please don’t worry. Rest assured, we’re comfortable talking about hormones, sex and bodily fluids, and getting your questions about IVF answered will make you feel less alone. 

If your fertility journey has brought you to the point of considering IVF, the main certainty often is a feeling of uncertainty. At Laurel Fertility Care, we care for patients as people, and want you to come to us with your questions about IVF at any time. We encourage our patients to ask questions because it empowers them to make the best choices about their fertility options. 

Inquiring minds want to know

It’s important to organize your thoughts, so we suggest putting together a list of questions to ask your fertility doctor before starting IVF. 

Some questions to ask your fertility doctor before starting IVF can center around how the office cares for patients, the overall IVF process and lifestyle issues.  

  • How do I know what my insurance covers?
  • How do you communicate with patients?
  • What are your success rates, and what happens if treatment is unsuccessful?
  • Can I exercise, and are there any lifestyle changes I should consider? 

Other questions about IVF can cover the finer details of IVF, including timing, testing and fertility medication. 

  • When can I start, and how long will my treatment take?
  • Should I consider genetic testing, such as carrier screening or preimplantation genetic testing of embryos before transfer (PGT)?
  • Will I have to take birth control pills before ovarian stimulation? What hormonal medications do you usually use?
  • I am afraid of needles; how do I manage injections? What parts of IVF are painful?
  • Are fresh or frozen embryos best?

There are only “smart” questions to ask your fertility doctor before IVF

IVF is a complicated and emotional process. We understand that there are many questions to ask your fertility doctor before IVF, and we encourage you to ask us anything you want. We want our patients to feel informed and cared for at every step of IVF. Contact us to learn more about how we can answer the many questions about IVF.

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