We Are Open. Fertility Treatment Has Resumed.

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Dear LFC Family,

As you make the decision to resume fertility care, we want to share what we are doing to keep us all safe, as we know that you trust and depend on us to provide such a personal and essential service.

The team at Laurel Fertility Care is so happy to be seeing patients again and remains committed to helping you achieve your dreams of having a family.

In adherence with a recent Directive from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, we will be implementing COVID-19 testing in advance of scheduled surgeries, including egg retrievals, hysteroscopies, and other procedures as advised by the LFC team.

All patients undergoing an egg retrieval will need to be tested for active COVID-19 infection via nasal swab prior to your baseline ultrasound.  We anticipate that some patients may test positive even if they do not have symptoms. In this instance we will have to delay your treatment until a repeat test is negative 10 days after receiving a positive result. For patients undergoing other surgical procedures requiring anesthesia, you will need to be tested for active COVID-19 infection via nasal swab prior to your procedure.

We will provide a testing kit, complete with an order requisition and insurance / billing information. It is each patient’s responsibility to complete the nasal swab test and drop it off at Labcorp the same day as administered. If the test is not completed, we will not be able to proceed with your egg retrieval or surgery.

Due to the significant increase of COVID-19 exposure across our state, we have adjusted our visitor policy to minimize risk and ensure the safety of all patients and staff.  In observance of social distancing, only the scheduled patient will be admitted to the clinic unless the partner has an appointment scheduled for the same date and time.

We encourage you to use FaceTime or take a short video of your appointment to share with your loved one.  The LFC family apologizes for any inconvenience; however, we are committed to protecting the safety of our patients and staff by limiting the number of individuals in our office.

We have outlined below some frequently asked questions that may arise from this new procedure. Please reach out to the LFC team if you have additional questions or would like to discuss your treatment plan in more detail. Thank you for placing your trust in us as we navigate this new normal.

Your LFC Doctors


How much does a COVID-19 nasal swab test cost?

Labcorp will bill to your insurance, and they have informed us that your insurance should cover the full cost of the test.  The self-pay cost for the nasal swab test is $100.

What happens if my COVID-19 test comes back positive?

If you have a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, we will work with you to reschedule your treatment or surgery, as well as, assist you with a retest 14 days later.

Who is financially responsible if my egg retrieval is cancelled due to a positive diagnosis?

We ask that the tests are completed 5 days prior to your baseline so that we have results and can minimize the risk of financial loss from a cancellation after a patient has started stimulation. If your egg retrieval surgery is cancelled due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis prior to your baseline ultrasound, LFC will apply all payments received to date towards a future cycle as a credit. We cannot reimburse you for the cost of your medications. 

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