What is the Cost of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

Our mission at Laurel Fertility Care is to guide and support you along the path to a healthy pregnancy, regardless of any obstacles. Beginning the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF) can feel daunting for some families, especially when it comes to finances. We understand that this is an emotional and personal journey for our patients, which is why our team strives to make the financial aspect of this journey as smooth as possible.

The cost of IVF is dependent on many factors and includes multiple parties— fertility clinics, pharmacies, genetic labs, etc. Depending on what your fertility concerns are, a personalized treatment plan will be recommended by our team that will require its own pricing. During this time, it’s important to note what is included in your treatment plan and what potential add on costs could arise.

Insurance Coverage

While insurance doesn’t always cover IVF, some plans may cover a portion of your treatment expenses. Plans often cover an initial consultation, monitoring, or even some of your medications which can significantly affect the cost or your treatment.

For this reason it is always recommended to learn as much as possible about your individual insurance policy.

Our team at Laurel Fertility Care will verify your insurance policy with you when scheduling you initial consultation with one of our specialists. If needed, they will also recommend a financial consultation to help determine your insurance coverage and help you to understand what out of pocket costs will be involved.

Insurance policies and coverage vary from employer to employer and from state to state because some states have enacted an infertility insurance coverage law. For this reason, it is always recommended that patients learn the details of their plan prior to seeking treatment— specifically noting benefits, exclusions and restrictions related to reproductive health services and infertility diagnosis.

The IVF Process and Costs

On average, families can expect to pay anywhere between $12,000 and $15,000 for an initial IVF cycle, depending on where the treatment takes place. This average price can vary from state to state.

The process beings with a new patient consultation followed by various lab tests, meeting with a financial counselor, meeting with a nurse navigator and planning your cycle. After learning how to administer the medications for your cycle, you will be ready to being. The most common IVF procedure involves a four-step process.

Additional procedures, such as an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), egg freezing and storage will increase the final cost of your fertility treatment if they are vital to your rate of success.

Financial Alternatives

Laurel Fertility Care is proud to partner with programs that help provide affordable payment options. For many families, the affordability of an IVF cycle is heavily dependent on the ability to find the right financial solutions. Our team is always available and willing to help recommend financial plans and resources that are the best fit for you.

We specialize in working with contracted insurance programs that can assist with balancing the cost of certain procedures. Their financial specialists will help you select a package that works within your budget. Patients can take advantage of various financing options for procedures, suggested pharmacies that provide competitive rates for medication, and other financial alternatives through non-profit organizations and institutions.

Resolve: The National Infertility Association is another great resource to utilize. They have a list of infertility financing programs on their website that are available to help pay for reproductive health treatment and medications.

We’re Here for You!

If you’re unsure that IVF is the right treatment option for you, our fertility specialists are here to share alternative options that have proven rates of success.

Making significant changes to your diet and lifestyle have a dramatic effect on hormone regulation, which is one of the main causes of infertility for both men and women. Other alternative treatments like dietary changes, acupuncture, yoga, and fertility supplements can also help increase your chances of having a successful pregnancy.

No matter which route you choose, our fertility specialists are here to lend advice and help you with a personalized treatment plan. We will help provide financial resources to support you and ensure affordability for any treatment plan.

If you have questions and would like to speak with a member of our team, contact our office at (415) 673- 9199 or request an appointment online.

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