Sondra O5’s review
My OBGYN recommended Laurel Fertility Care, as opposed to UCSF. He said I would get more personalized attention and more intimate care than at UCSF. And he was right! Dr. Smikle and his staff were outstanding, start to finish. I have already recommended Laurel Fertility to several of my friends.
Sondra O5
Christina B4’s review
I wish there were a rare option to grant more than 5 stars. The LFC team are exceptional. Dr. Smikle and team treated me through the egg freezing process. Starting with my initial phone consult, which was with Dr. Smikle, himself, everything the team did made me feel like my health and progress were top priority. The team coached me through a hormonal treatment schedule across an already demanding and chaotic travel and work schedule, and we achieved exceptional results. Any concern or question I had throughout the process was swiftly addressed. I cannot say enough good things about this practice and feel incredibly grateful to have gone through this process with every individual there.
Christina B4
Ann K3’s review
I have been hoping I would be a lucky patient and have the success to write a glowing review of Laurel Fertility Care!! Dr. Ekpo, Francesca, Mirleni and all the staff here are the kindest group to support you when you are going through a difficult time like this! They felt like family every step of the way! Everything was efficient and on schedule. They were responsive and you felt like they were on your team the entire time.
Ann K3
Stef R2’s review
Dr. Ekpo and her team are great. From the very beginning I felt like I was talking with a friend when I spoke with Dr. Ekpo. She was very personable and knowledgeable and never seemed to pressure me into anything that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with. I felt like I was well taken care of, especially when it came close to egg retrieval time. The Dr. saw me multiple times leading up the “day” just to make sure we had the timing perfect.
Stef R2
I don’t even know where to start. Dr. Smikle and the team at Laurel Fertility Care have become like family. The care we received while trying to become a family was second to none. What was awesome about Dr. Smikle, was that every cycle he did something different so we were never doing the same thing twice that didn’t work. Our journey was a long one, but Dr. Smikle and the Laurel team NEVER gave up and they were always positive!
Bethany G1

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Our Commitment to Inclusivity

We take pride in ensuring that each person who enters our clinic feels comfortable and heard. That's why each member of the Laurel Fertility Care team has earned a certification in LGBTQ+ inclusion.

Third Party Reproduction

What is Third Party Reproduction?

In some cases a third party, such as a donor and/or a gestational carrier is needed.

Why Laurel Fertility Care?

We offer a supportive, inclusive, and knowledgeable team to guide you when you’re ready to pursue your dream of a family. Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized care that is full of hope!

You Treatment Options

Our team of specialists is here to create a personalized care plan for you. Learn more about our treatment options and what works best for you and your family.